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Prosthodontics in Solana Beach

Women SmilingIf you’re ready to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, Dr. Belderes is trained in providing prosthodontics that can make over your look. The restorative services we offer include:

We’ve found that we’re able to provide prosthodontic care for even the more complex of dental cases. Dr. Belderes’ regular continuing education courses keep her informed on the latest within dentistry and prosthodontics. When necessary, we can refer you out to a specialist in our network of professionals.

Considering Your Overall Health

Did you know that the health benefits you gain from nutrition are directly related to your bite? When we chew our food, it enables our body to get all possible health benefits. The more you’re able to chew, the more nutrition your body can gain. Prosthodontic work can give you a stronger bite, which may improve your overall healthy by helping you chew more effectively.

Let us assess your oral health and make a plan with you to achieve a dazzling smile. Contact our office today to find out more!


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